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    Sahara Coins is Las Vegas Top Pick for 2014!
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    Sahara Coins is Las Vegas Top Pick for 2014!
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Whether you are looking to get the most for your grandfathers rare coins and currency, or you are putting together your first wheat cent collection, you have a certain expectation of how you want to be treated. We here at Sahara Coins strive to meet or exceed those expectations every day. Come visit us and see why we are the top coin dealer in the State of Nevada. We offer professional service in a friendly and secure environment.

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Silver has always been a great investment, it is affordable and widely used in many industrial industries. Our silver dollar collection is one of the top collections in the United States. We also buy & sell many unique foreign silver currencies. If you are looking to expand your silver portfolio we buy & sell in bulk to keep the margins low. We trade every type of silver from small coins to 100 ounce bars to rare Morgan dollars.

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Free Appraisals

Visit us for the current value of your coins or precious metals. All verbal appraisals are free and we provide individual & private booths in a secure environment. We protect your private ownership and give you the most accurate valuation for your gold, silver, bullion & numismatics. Our professional staff will give you an unbiased and honest appraisal (current market value) for one coin or your whole collection.

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